As a CEO, President, VP, Director or Management Professional you have probably encountered these common problems:

Only seeing average quality candidates

You know quality talent is out there, but how do you find it?

It takes too long to fill finance vacancies

By the time you have weeded through hundreds of resumes and find a candidate, the candidate is likely getting similar offers or has already accepted one.

Bad hire risk

Having employees stay for a short period of time can be very costly, and problematic long after they have left.

Your recruiting process has no continuity

You don’t have a system in place that gives you predictable results.

Talent acquisition is getting more expensive

Not because of salary inflation, but due to money wasted on poor advertising and salaries for internal recruitment.

Still Utilizing Traditional Internal & External Recruiting Methods for Finding Talent?

Utilize keyword searches on LinkedIn, send out InMail’s and emails and wait for replies

Post a job on boards hoping to attract interest

Contact active job seekers who have posted their resumes on job boards

Make cold calls to prospective candidates

Traditional Recruiting methods are not efficient…

  • InMail’s and Emails have a response rate of  8 – 12%
  • Job seekers are spending an average of 30 seconds reviewing job postings before submitting their resume. This means large pools of unqualified candidates witting in your inbox.
  • Cold Call success rates are as low as 5% mainly due to the person making the call and their ability to make the Candidate feel at ease and deliver the opportunity without damaging the brand and spoil a potentially good candidate.

More than 50% of the average recruiting company’s database is out of date. This means that a potential 60% of your market is untapped

  • Meanwhile, your team is being stretched to cover this gap in the team, not to mention the lack of direction depending on the level of the vacancy.
  • You may be picking up the slack yourself or delegating, taking the focus away from your day to day responsibilities.
  • This can often result in further increased turnover, decreased efficiency or absenteeism with strained relations across the team.

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Hire the Best

Hiring the right leadership team within your company is pivotal to your success. The top talent in the market will remove the headaches, drive business and reduce turnover. They are the only way to guarantee your success. This is why our system specifically targets these much sought-after individuals:

We are the ONLY firm to offer 24/7/365 Digital inbound and automated systems that reach the top of the market.

Our recruiting platform is set up to solve these challenges


Help you Increase visibility in the market to attract the top talent.


Nearly eliminate the risk of a bad hire.


Lower your Recruiting Costs.


Fill your business-critical Finance roles more quickly and effectively.

The 10 Step Talent Acquisition System 


Step 1:
Appointment Analysis

Step 2:
Candidate Market Analysis

Step 3:
Database Builder

Step 4:
Candidate Engagement

Step 5:
Multi-touch System

Step 6:

Step 7:
Candidate Presentation

Step 8:
Onboard Management

Step 9:
Resignation Coaching

Step 10:

Our Expertise

We provide customized direct hire recruiting services and full cycle recruiting for your for your business.

We are the ONLY recruiter in this marketplace with an inbound strategy for Candidate Attraction.


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